Zakk Wylde is a legend. His time touring with Ozzy Osborne, perhaps the biggest legend of them all, raised his profile to the point where soon it was time to go alone. That helped give birth to the Black Label Society which gave him space to lay down speed picked solos with lighter-waving melodious hooks. He’s since gone on to launch his own line of coffee, create his own signature guitar ... series and in many ways, gone full circle as he tours under the project Zakk Sabbath. For many, Zakk’s finest work was in JTC’s earliest day, with his playing on “Farewell Ballad”. The incredible take of the Jan Cyrka composition has racked up millions and millions and millions of views and is one of those rites of passages for any budding guitarist. Read More


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Number of Releases: 2
Top Genres: Rock

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From The Vault

 Advanced  /   Rock  /  5 Tracks

From The Vault combines these incredible 6 performances and brings them back out of the archives so that you can learn each solo and then jam along with extended versions of each backing track. This ... Read more

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