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Most Common Questions

Once you have downloaded your purchase you need to extract the files from the zip file. Sometimes our zip files can be large and some native zip extractor software can't handle the size. In this case our go to is a free program called 7-zip, which will open any zip file size. 
Because of the digital (non-physical) nature of our products, we can unfortunately not give refunds for mistaken purchases or issues of personal taste that have been downloaded. We track the amount of downloads on each purchase. If the download counter is still 0 then we will happily replace or refund a purchase.
You can adjust your membership by signing in and clicking on My Account > Subscription. From there you can upgrade your account or click the downgrade option. If you cancel your subscription or trial you will retain membership until the end of the trial/period you have paid for, after which your account will revert to a free account on the renewal date. If you cancel a free trial before the end of the 14 free days you will not be charged.
Whoops! There’s so many passwords to remember these days but the good news is that if you’ve forgotten yours we have a reset feature on the sign in page that you can use to get a new one! Please be careful of accidentally entering the incorrect password and then saving it with an autofill option. You might need to re-enter the password manually or erase the autofill options in your browser if this happens.
Cards can be declined for many reasons. The most common ones we come across are that the CVC code (the three digit code on the back of the card) is entered incorrectly, the address entered doesn’t match the one your bank has on file for that card, and insufficient funds/credit.Sometimes banks have issues with allowing international payments, so it may be worth contacting your bank to see if they are blocking the transaction. If you have another card you can use, you’re welcome to try that as well providing the details you enter for name and address match the ones on file for that bank card..If you are a download customer you can also choose to pay via Paypal, or you can pay through Paypal by card with the Checkout as Guest option. 
We get a vast number of applicants at JTC with budding guitar players wanting to join our prestigious ranks. If you think you have what it takes to become a JTC artist then please email us with links to your high quality original material and social media pages. We save all of the links we get and the applicants contact details for our next content review meetings.Due to the high volume of applicants we cannot provide individual feedback to every applicant but if you make it through to the next stage of the review process someone will be in touch.If you write backing tracks, then send us some examples of some original work and we will be sure to check it out. 
For future reference, the checkout page has a promotional code box where you need to enter the sale code. Don’t forget to hit apply before you enter your payment details! Shoot us a message and providing that your purchase was made during the sale duration, we can refund the difference for you.
Yes you can! After purchasing, you have lifetime download access by signing back in and clicking on MyLibrary. If you have purchased something a long time ago, before JTC Guitar used it’s current system then some very old purchases may not show in your account (these are often from 2012 or before). In which case, email us with a copy of your receipt email and we can get it added to your account for you.
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