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Richie Allan is a Head Ninja; not a title many guitarists can put on their CV. As leader of New Zealand’s Heavy Metal Ninjas, Richie has made a name for himself as an “old-school” player with a modern twist. His work bears influencers such as Becker, Gilbert and Vai, but it is his love for video games, space, cinema and of course, ninjas, that give his playing a sound of its own. ... Interstellar Abduction as an album, features not only Richie’s incredible lead playing, but big grooves, soundscapes and in-your-face hard hitting moments worthy of a ninja on the attack! Read More


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Number of Releases: 3
Top Genres: Metal

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Learn "Melodyk" from Richie Allan, a melodic metal solo packed with interesting colours.

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Interstellar Abduction Album

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Richie Allen and his band Heavy Metal Ninjas have an army of followers both online and offline. JTC is very proud to release HMN's OUTSTANDING album, 'Interstellar Abduction'.

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