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Lari Basilio has been a JTC fan favourite since she joined our ranks with her Twenty Soulful Groovy Licks release, but her musical story runs farther back that that. Aged just four, Lari started playing the organ, and some time later her musically inclined father gave her a guitar. From there a love affair began to blossom. So much so that Lari eventually had to give up her job practicing law in ... order to focus fully on her musical endeavours. She has since worked with the likes of Andre Nieri, Nathan East and Joe Satriani. As shown in her Finger Picking Masterclass, Lari is an incredible exponent of many technical abilities, but it is perhaps her use of melody that really makes you want to come back for more. Read More


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Number of Releases: 11
Top Genres: Rock, Mix, Fusion, Ballad

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Solo And Licks Intermediate

Price - £24.99

Box Set Intermediate

Price - £134.99 NOW £119.99

Masterclass Intermediate

Price - £39.99

Box Set Multi-Level

Price - £44.99 NOW £39.99

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