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Josh Meader is a guitarist from Sydney, with a penchant for wild fusion lines and modern jazz note choices. After studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Josh has gone on to cement a name for himself as one of the most exciting names on the guitar scene, with admirers in the shape of Tosin Abasi, Andy Timmons, Rick Beato and more. He’s performed with many of Australia's finest jazz ... musicians, and done so in venues such as the Sydney Opera House. Drawing on influences that range from bebop to hip hop, Josh creates compositions that channel odd time signatures, textural variations and improvisational based concepts. A player to marvel at and learn from. Read More


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Number of Releases: 5
Top Genres: Jazz, Fusion

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An in-depth look at specific techniques to expand your playing vocabulary.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Josh Meader Interview

Join Josh Meader at the JTC Studio for a sit down chat about all things guitar, approach to improv, learning from Guthrie, and a whole load more.


10 Levels Of Jazz

 Multi-Level  /   Jazz  /  Masterclass

Build a complete understanding of jazz by working through ten levels of essentials, guided by Josh Meader. A highly structured Masterclass designed to demystify a world of raw ... Read more

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Modern Jazz Masterclass: The Bonus Solos

 Elite  /   Jazz  /  Learn To Play

Filmed at JTC’s London HQ, this is Josh Meader unfurling his furious fingers for two more versions of the solos “Spiral” and “Helix”, taken from his Modern Jazz Masterclass. An extra treat ... Read more


Modern Jazz Masterclass

 Advanced  /   Jazz  /  Masterclass

A mammoth Masterclass with monstrous potential. Josh Meader shows you how to unlock the fretboard and break apart the techniques needed to unleash a wall of otherworldly sounds. It’s time to ... Read more

21st Century Jazz Fusion Concepts

 Advanced  /   Fusion  /  Solo And Licks

Josh Meader delivers a whirlwind JTC debut that sways from the ethereal to the furious. Gain insight into the vocabulary of a virtuoso and tap into new and exciting concepts and ... Read more

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