Josh Meader Interview

Josh Meader

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Join Josh Meader at the JTC Studio for a sit down chat about all things guitar, approach to improv, learning from Guthrie, and a whole load more.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Lesson 01

Sit down with Josh Meader and Connor Kaminski as they talk shop about all things guitar, ...

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Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Extract 01

Watch how Josh navigates two chords with adept skill and learn every note for yourself.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Extract 02

Grab a guitar and jam along with Josh Meader and Connor Kaminski.


  1.   All
  2.   Technique Class
  3.   Around the Campfire
  4.   Theory Seminar
  5.   Nail The Lick

Tuesday 19th Sep, 2023

Hybrid Picking And Legato

Jake Willson

Two of the most recognisable techniques in fusion laid bare by Jake Willson. Begin using...


Tuesday 31st Oct, 2023

2-5-1 Advanced

Luca Mantovanelli

We're now going to switch to a 2-5-1 progression in a major key. In the key of D major,...