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London based Berklee graduate and session musician, Jake Willson, has become a key member of the JTC roster. His Practice Toolkit is one of the biggest online guitar tutorials ever put together and shows his meticulous approach to the guitar. As well as working as a tutor, Jake also composes with his work being performed worldwide. From the moment Jake released Melodic Horizons at JTC, we knew we ... had someone special. Read More


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Number of Releases: 42
Top Genres: Rock, Mix, Fusion, Blues

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Tuesday 9th Jan, 2024

Soloing By Numbers

Jake Willson

Add a new formula to your playing repertoire and seek out a new method where you can add...


Tuesday 14th Nov, 2023

Pentatonic Box Expansion

Jake Willson

Learn how to expand on your knowledge of the pentatonic scale with Jake Willson as your...


Tuesday 19th Sep, 2023

Hybrid Picking And Legato

Jake Willson

Two of the most recognisable techniques in fusion laid bare by Jake Willson. Begin using...


Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Wide Intervals

Jake Willson

Let's take a look at wide intervals, what they are, how to use them, and how to...


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Box Set Intermediate

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Box Set Intermediate

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