Gianluca Ferro is one of the masters of extended range guitars, but also has all the tricks to be able to stand up as a highly talented guitarist no matter the scale or number of strings. His ability to play 8 finger tapping arpeggios along with a career in a number of prog-metal projects make the Italian a key figure for anyone looking to develop their skills and knowledge.


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Number of Releases: 11
Top Genres: Metal, Rock, Ballad

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Masterclass Advanced

Price - £24.99

JTC+ Price - £18.74

1 Track Advanced

Price - £4.99

JTC+ Price - £3.74

Box Set Multi-Level

Price - £79.99 NOW £67.99

JTC+ Price - £50.99

1 Track Advanced

Price - £4.99

JTC+ Price - £3.74

Album Advanced

Price - £7.99

JTC+ Price - £5.99

20 Licks Advanced

Price - £19.99

JTC+ Price - £14.99

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