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Funtwo is one of the original viral guitarists. His cover of “Canon Rock”, originally arranged by Jerry C, ranks near the top of the all time most watched guitar videos and tells just a bit of the tale of this fantastic player. The South Korean internet star draws on his wise array of influences from Bach, trance and Dream Theater to re-work popular songs into instrumental rock solos. His JTC ... debut, “Story”, displays his ability to fuse high speed licks and melody in fun, tasteful and interesting ways. Funtwo is an inspiration for many worldwide, and now he can be your tutor too. Read More


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Number of Releases: 2
Top Genres: Rock

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Learn To Play: Story

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Funtwo, the viral star of ‘Canon Rock’ arrives with a glorious debut at JTC. Colossal riffs, inspirational melodies and speed picking shred make up the epic 4-minute masterpiece that is 'Story'. ... Read more

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