Californian guitarist, Charlie Robbins, began playing during his freshman year, seeking inspiration from an array of sources such as Guthrie Govan, Synyster Gates and Danny Elfman. Now the guitarist for prog-metal outfit, Artificial Language, he also creates music through his solo project, Syncatto. As shown in his JTC debut, Flamenco Inspired Riffs and Licks, he is a genre-bending creative, ... capable of the ridiculous and the sublime. His ability to accurately fuse techniques such as slides, slaps and rasgueado with heavy-hitting metal rhythms not only show how talented he is, but also what you can achieve with such a dedicated approach to your craft. Read More


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Number of Releases: 2
Top Genres: Metal, Mix

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Flamenco Inspired Riffs And Licks

 Intermediate  /   Metal  /  Solo And Licks

Hard-hitting metal and the spicy intricacies of flamenco guitar collide with this fiery debut from Charlie Robbins. Complete with breakdown lessons, extracted licks and official tab/backings.

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