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Turkish guitarist, Baris Benice, is known for his ability to fuse intense shredded lines with memorable and beautiful melodies. A player who knows the value of space, and with a whammy skill set straight from the top drawer, Baris is someone who whether soloing or compositing is able to surprise you at every turn. He’s played with well known Turkish musicians, earned himself a tonne of ... endorsements and joined a select few JTC artists who joined the roster after emailing in and turning our heads. His 20 Licks debut is a joy to behold, and highlights his fretboard navigating majesty as well as that special melodic touch that makes the best players stand out from the crowd. Read More


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Number of Releases: 2
Top Genres: Rock, Metal

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20 Licks Intermediate

Price - £19.99

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20 Uncaged Rock Licks

 Intermediate  /   Rock  /  20 Licks

Break out of the cage and ride a free flowing wave with Baris Benice’s debut release. A tour de force in lead playing designed to overhaul key techniques across the entire fretboard. It’s time to ... Read more

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