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We Create High Quality And Inspirational Products For Aspiring Guitarists.
I think JTC is one of the best things going in guitar/instructional related purchases.
Jesse Brink June 2013
Thanks so much for all the great music! I'm getting better and better thanks to your product! My best to you all
Charlie Pabst June 2013 me, JTC isn't just a website now, it's a way of life...
James Sabberton May 2013
I don't usually write into sites but Jam Track Central is amazing!!!! I stumbled onto your site after hearing the Roland demo sessions by Alex Hutchings and then trying to track down more info on this absolutely outstanding and amazing player. Genius!! After signing up to the site and poking around at some of the other artists I've come to the conclusion that you guys really aren't making things easy for me. How the hell am I supposed to pick from this mine of treasures? I guess I'm going to have to buy package after package. :) I haven't bought anything yet as I've been traveling and I'm waiting to get home but I look forward to getting started with the material you offer. The quality of the samples I've heard and some of the free downloads are outstanding. And the players are phenomenal!! This is going to be fun! Thanks
John Borges May 2013
Love your site/info/Youtube videos. I've been much inspired and as a 3 year retired guitarist, after fifty years, my passion has been renewed by Guthrie, Tom and Alex, so much so I'm playing again!
Graham George May 2013
I'm new here. I just had to tell you, when I heard your track 'Saturday Night Blues' it brought me to tears, absolutely beautiful. It was a life changer for me.
Ken Ryan Jan 2013
...what you do is provide an asset that is not only monumental for the player at any level, but a tool that almost in and of itself will take the player from just "playing a guitar" to becoming a guitar player in that this is how to form a vocabulary with this language. As applied to improvisation, these tracks provide one of the most sterling grounds anyone has provided to learn, grow and improve the skill of improvisation. This skill can not be acquired by playing to air. There must be music, lines motifs, paragraphs and stories are told on a canvas. This is what you provide in so many forms.
Richard B. Glasband Jr. Apr 2013
I am always extremely happy with your tracks as they are so well produced. I really have found great inspiration in the arrangements and musicianship on the tracks I've bought so far. In less than 18months Ive improved so much as a direct result of Jamtracks. I never thought that I would be able to play as well as I am at the moment, and even better than that, I am on fire with enthusiasm to keep pushing and getting better, it has really changed my life. Thanks to the inspiration of Jamtracks I have grown so much and am so inspired at an age when most of my pro muso buddies and associates are well and truly winding down and burning out. I am 56 years old on the 6th of April in a couple of weeks, but I am energised like a teenager, and so invigorated by all things guitaristic. I have lots of new buddies old and young who talk nothing but guitars and amps and guitarists and my life has really changed. The first thing I do is show them your website and rave about your products and customer service....they are all blown out by your site. All this has been a direct result of Jamtracks and the great players you have recruited and the fantastic efforts you guys have put into building your business. As I mentioned, I have been around the music industry a long time and you guys have created something so special, so well thought out and so well executed, that it rates in my book as the most successful business to ever grow out of the music industry. I even pray that your business will continue to grow and continue to influence thousands of guitarists no matter what level they are at. I really believe that the people of Jamtracks deserve every success that is coming their way.
Paul Sellick Mar 2013
Hi guys, Just had to say that I love the new site, it’s even better than before, easier to use and I love the fact that I can buy just single tracks if I want too (I haven’t yet, but it’s great to know that I can). I have recently added the the full works of Alex Hutchings and Vintage Rock to my collection and they are fantastic. I have had great fun just going through all the new tracks. I have always loved the fact that I can listen to a good chunk of the material before I buy as it lets me know exactly what I am going to get. The new layout is much better too, easier to find what I’m looking for, and I also love the fact I get an email whenever something new is added (I had to have Vintage Rock as soon as I saw the email - and I hadn’t even listened to it) Please thank all your staff and the brilliant musicians on the site for me. I have learned vast amounts simply by watching and listening to the performance videos and jamming along. I am 54 years old; just goes to show, you can teach an old dog new tricks. My playing is now much faster, more accurate and most importantly...a lot more fun!!!! I am not often moved to write, but this is the second time I have put the metaphoric pen to paper because of you guys. Your hard work on this site have transformed the way I play in every way possible, so thanks...
James Sabbarton Dec 2012