Marco is a seasoned guitarist for James LaBrie of Dream Theater, a member of PFM and Icefish and a long-time JTC contributor. He is a master of melody, able to shred with the best and is seen as an inspiration for guitarists of shape and size. His solo work puts his skills on show, and his many JTC releases have spanned the genres, showing what a versatile powerhouse he is.


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Number of Releases: 11
Top Genres: Rock, Metal

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Masterclass Intermediate

Price - £34.99

JTC+ Price - £26.24

Album Advanced

Price - £7.99

JTC+ Price - £5.99

Box Set Multi-Level

Price - £114.99 NOW £99.99

JTC+ Price - £74.99

20 Licks Advanced

Price - £29.99

JTC+ Price - £22.49

20 Licks Intermediate

Price - £19.99

JTC+ Price - £14.99

20 Licks Advanced

Price - £19.99

JTC+ Price - £14.99

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