Percussive Techniques

Olly Steele

Tuesday 3rd Oct, 2023

Join Olly Steele with Connor Kaminski in the JTC Studio and talk everything percussive techniques and composition.

Tuesday 3rd Oct, 2023

Lesson 01

Sit down with Olly Steele and check out how he uses percussive picking and fretting techniques in ...

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Tuesday 3rd Oct, 2023

Exercise 01

Olly shows us how he uses percussive techniques in his riffs.


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  5.   Nail The Lick
  6.   Improv Time

Tuesday 24th Oct, 2023

M7b5 Altered Soloing

George Karayiannis

Join George Karayiannis and learn about the minor7b5 altered arpeggio. Find out how it...


Tuesday 14th May, 2024

Open Voice Cadences

James Graydon

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