Minor 11

James Graydon

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Take a look at an eclectic sounding chord and learn how to use it in your own playing and compositions.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Lesson 01

Sit down with James Graydon and explore the sound of the minor 11 chord.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Playthrough 01

Expand on your open chords by adding in the extra spice the minor 11 brings.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Playthrough 02

Check out a great way to use both low and high strings in your minor 11 chord voicings.

Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Playthrough 03

In this playthrough, check out how you add in higher voicings on the minor 11 to your repertoire.


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Tuesday 28th Nov, 2023

Steely Dan Chord

James Graydon

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Percussive Techniques

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