Delayed Resolution

James Graydon

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2023

Add a unique flair to your chord progressions and comping chops with "delayed resolutions". A new way to approach cadences and more.

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2023


Sit down with James Graydon and learn how he uses a myriad of chordal techniques in his playing, ...

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Tuesday 17th Oct, 2023

Lesson 01

Uncover a new way of resolving your chord progressions.

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2023

Playthrough 01

Reach for new and interesting chord choice and delay cadences and resolutions.

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2023

Playthrough 02

Add a top melody over your new found love for delayed resolutions.


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Monday 22nd Jan, 2024

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George Karayiannis

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Tuesday 5th Sep, 2023

Take a look at 1 over 2 shapes with the maestro of chords himself, James Graydon.