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We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we will ALWAYS help you as quick as we can, whatever happens! Here are some common problems.

  1. I can't get through to the payment page
  2. I choose to pay by paypal and get a red error message
  3. My download failed
  4. My download says limit reached
  5. My download speed is slower than normal?
  6. I can’t find my files
  7. My files don’t work
  8. What type of audio files are these?
  9. Importing audio files
  10. What type of video files are these?
  11. How do i use the tab?
  12. I can't see any videos or hear any audio?
  13. I purchased a Ditto looper but my serial doesn't work?
  14. I'm having trouble getting the JTC website or services to load?
  15. My zip file is corrupt, what can I do?
  16. Will packs be there forever?

I can't get through to the payment page

This will be because your address details have not been filled out, or may be incorrect. Please check that your address and Country are correct.

I choose to pay by paypal and get a red error message

This will be because your country is selected incorrectly. Update this and the error message will disappear.

My download failed

You have several attempts to download each product, so try again!

Because of the electronic (non-physical) nature of our products, we can unfortunately not give refunds for mistaken purchases or issues of personal taste. If issues beyond your control completely prevent you from downloading your purchases, we will offer a full refund.

My download says limit reached

If you use a downloader software then this can use multiple download attempts on each download attempt. We recommend you turn this off when you download our files.

My download speed is slower than normal?

We have some pretty hefty servers at JTC, so you should see a good download speed against your normal download performance. If you are experiencing slow downloads please do contact us through the site and we can run some tests to help!

I can't find my files?

The files will automatically download to the default download location on your computer. This is usually the desktop, but you can check by looking in the preferences/options for your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or whatever).

If you can’t see the files, you can use your computer’s built-in search facility.

Mac -- Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the far right of the menu bar. Enter ‘.zip’ as the search term and click ‘Show All’. By clicking the ‘+’ icon at the top right (next to the ‘save’ button) you can specify files that were created or modified today.

Windows -- Select ‘Search’ from the Home menu. When the window pops up, select ‘All files and folders’. You can then search for the term ‘.zip’ and select today’s date.

My files don't work

Remember… when you download our products, they arrive in compressed ‘zip’ format to make the download faster. You MUST open the zip files first. On a Mac, simply double-click; on Windows, right-click and select ‘Extract here’.

When the zip files have been opened (large files take a few moments) you’ll see a new folder with the same name as the zip file. This is the product you bought, and this folder will contain your jamtracks, Tab, videos or whatever. You can now safely delete the original zip file… or perhaps store it safely as a backup.

What type of AUDIO files are these?

Our audio tracks are in mp3 format, mostly encoded at 320kbps. We feel that this is the best compromise between sound quality and download speed. There are plenty of options for playing mp3 files…

iTunes - www.apple.com/itunes
Winamp - www.winamp.com

are the most popular, and they’re free.

Importing audio files

In the File menu, select ‘Add files to Library’ in iTunes or ‘Add media to Library’ in Winamp, then navigate to your downloads (remember to open the zip files first). You can import all mp3s or select individual ones. All of our audio tracks have complete ID3 tags, so they will be displayed with artist, album and track information.

What type of VIDEO files are these?

We use mp4 format for videos. You can play these videos immediately in iTunes, QuickTime, VLC and many other programs. The format is also supported by Windows Media Player, but if you have an earlier version, you will need to download extra codecs. Search for the K Lite Codec Pack in your search engine.

How do I use the TAB?

All of our Tab transcriptions and lesson notes are in PDF format. This universal format can be viewed in Acrobat Reader (Mac/PC/Linux) or Preview (Mac only).

Most of our Tabs are also in Powertab (.ptb) format. The Powertab Editor program (www.harmony-central.com/Software/Windows/powertab.html) is only available for Windows, but it has a MIDI playback facility so you can play the notes (with a synthesizer sound) and you can adjust the tempo for more effective practising.

Mac users can open the Powertab files adequately with Tuxguitar (http://tuxguitar.herac.com.ar/. If you prefer to use Guitar Pro (on PC or Mac) this program can very easily import Powertab files into .gp5 format.

For a full TAB guide click here

I can't see any video or hear any audio?

This is probably because you are running a flash blocking addon for Mozilla Firefox. Switch this off and you should be all set! Any other problems then contact us and we will help!

I purchased a Ditto looper but my serial doesn't work?

If you are a new customer to JTC, please try restarting your browser and creating a new JTC account from the sign up page. After this, refresh your browser cache and return to the Ditto URL and try the serial again. If this still doesn't work then please email admin@jtcguitar.com details the things you have tried as well as your Ditto serial number and we'd be happy to help!

I'm having trouble getting the JTC website or services to load?

To get you started with a fix, here are a few suggestions to try that might help narrow it down.

-Ensure ALL plugins are turned off.
-Try a speedtest to check your internet connection (http://www.speedtest.net/ click Begin Test)
-Try a fresh installation of your current browser
-Try a new web browser (chrome, firefox etc)
-Check that your OS and software are all up to date.

Failing this please complete a 'Trace Route' to jtcguitar.com (guide here: http://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/trace-route-guide/) and then please email admin@jtcguitar.com with the following details: your device, OS, web browser, the result from the trace route and also your external IP address (so that we can check the connection back to you. Click here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=what+is+my+ip )

My zip file is corrupt, what can I do?

Please try deleting the files, refreshing your browser cache and then redownloading them from your account. Please ensure that you are letting the download finish completely before unzipping the file, and please ensure you are unzipping the file completely before trying to access the files.

Will packs be there forever?

From time to time, Artists may come and go from the JTC roster and very occasionally Artist products may be taken down. This is very rare, however in these cases, these products will still be available to download if they have been purchased, however Premium Members ability to add and remove them from their library will be gone.


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