For years, the JTC Jam of the Month has been the premier destination for guitarists looking to share their playing with the world.

Now, we’re giving players even more reasons to get involved!

Jam of the Month

What is it?

The JTC Jam of the Month (JOTM) is a monthly contest where we give players free backing(s) and their job is to record and share a solo over it.

The best solo(s) then win prizes! It’s as simple as that.

How do I enter?

First you need to download the free track, then film a solo of you playing over it.

You can share it in the JOTM Facebook Group, or on the social media platform of your choice, making sure to tag JTC and any sponsors for that month!

At the end of every month, the winner will be chosen either by a judge, by the JTC team or even at random. Every month is different and there’s always something to play for, no matter your level.

What can I win?

This changes every month! Past prizes have been guitars from .strandberg* and Ibanez, licences from Toontrack and tons of strings from Elixir Strings. There are also JTC prizes on offer too!

Bonus Challenges

What are they?

Every JOTM is different, but not every JOTM is for every player. So we wanted to do more! Our bonus challenges are a fun extra cherry on top.

They may be as simple as “Play a riff in Drop D” or “Show us the first thing you learned on guitar”.

Bonus Challenges won’t update every month like JOTM so keep an eye on our social media!

Where can I enter?

Just like JOTM you can enter in the group, or by tagging JTC and any sponsors on social media.

What can I win?

This will vary with each challenge and sometimes there won’t be anything to win at all. Fun is the aim of the game.

Share Your Progress

What do I need to do?

Show us what you’re working on! We want to see how you tackle JTC content.

It could be a lick, an exercise or a full-on solo or song.

We want to see whatever JTC content is getting the juices flowing.

Where can I share my progress?

You guessed it! In the JOTM group or on social media. Make sure you also tag the artist and it’s always good to let people know what release the content is from.

Will I win anything?

Not always. This is more about accountability with your playing and getting help and support from the community. However, the JTC fairies will be giving spot prizes to their favourite videos.

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