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Learn effortlessly and study every single note with our fantastic Interactive Tab/Notation system. Available with Premium Membership or as a paid add-on for Free accounts.

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Analyse every note

Control audio / video speed, without changing pitch, using the speed control / slider bottom left. Depending on your browser, we support speeds as slow as 25%.

Loop any section

Perfect difficult licks by clicking and dragging across the notation. It snaps to the nearest note, rest or barline, for ease of making “perfect” loops, enabling you to study in much more detail.

Interactive Fretboard

Use the interactive fretboard to see a graphical view of where notes should be played on your guitar. During playback, the notes light up in real time and highlights any notes you’ve selected in the notation.


Transpose the entire score into other keys instantly using our transposition feature. Yes, we even transpose tab, making best guesses for fingerings.

Customisable Layout

Make the video bigger or smaller, or zoom in / out on the notation and we’ll intelligently fit just the right amount of music on each stave.

Get Interactive Tab

Available with Premium Membership or as an add-on for Free Membership


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