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Mika Tyyskä, Finnish musician, is best known by his work with imaginary guitarist and mentor Mr. Fastfinger. 

At the age of 12 Mika sneaks into his brother's room and discovers a Stratocaster replica. He soon finds himself playing in many bands and starts practicing guitar playing like a madman.  In 2000 Mika got interested in digital design and animation. Then comes the idea of a cartoon guitar school for internet and sensei Mr. Fastfinger enters the game.  In 2005 millions of people get enlightened and entertained by Mr. Fastfinger when they visit GuitarShredShow.com. In 2006 meanwhile Mr. Fastfinger achieves worldwide respect from guitar players and the website wins many important multimedia awards, Mika hooks up with TC Electronic. In cooperation with the danish company, a new Mr. Fastfinger game, Magic Carpet Tour is produced. 2007 Mika becomes a regular guest teacher for the professional guitar class at Modern Music School in Germany. Mika travels to Japan and appears at Yokohama music fair to demo TC Electronic. This marks the beginning of live appearances for the unorthodox duo.  In 2008 Mika and Mr. Fastfinger demos for Hughes & Kettner and appears in Germany and Japan. Mika proudly also appears as a guest teacher at Mattias Eklundh's Freak Guitar Camp in Sweden and later at Christophe Godin's Cartoon Guitar Week in France.  In 2009 Mr. Fastfinger's debut album "The Way of the Exploding Guitar" is released. Hard rocking instrumental album is something Mika always dreamed to do. The album features stunning guest appearances by Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Christophe Godin (Möglbl) and Niko Tsonev (Steven Wilson).   Mika and Mr. Fastfinger then gathers a band together with Thomas Törnroos (drums) and Lasse Rantanen (bass) and Kalle Katz (keyboards). Animated and live band combines cartoons on the screen with human live playing. In 2011 Mika travelled the Germany and does his first actual workshop tour in cooperation with the longtime partner Modern Music School. In 2012 the second instrumental album "in Motion" get released. The album features guitar greats Thomas Blug and Timo Kämäräinen and once again the keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess.    Mika and Mr. Fastfinger are endorsed by Hughes & Kettner amplifiers, Rotosound strings,  TC Electronic effects and Guitar Pro 6 software. 


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