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Just a kid from Akron Ohio with hopes to one day work a normal job and play on the weekends Matt was convinced otherwise by his choir teacher to dream bigger. Matt began learning guitar at 12 years old from his grandma "Emma" who not only was a self taught lead player but also had a knack for playing chord melodies and base lines to accompany herself.Throughout his years in school Matt performed in every ensemble there was and every chance he could get, as well as making a name for himself performing with his Dad and virtuoso brother Fred Sickels on drums. During the few years after graduating Matt and his brother Fred would go on to compose and perform in the bands Vegas and Between Home and Serenity both of which garnered popularity and radio airplay.Matt then went on to further his studies in the highly renowned Jazz Studies Program at the Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio where he received his certification in Guitar Performance with an emphasis on Jazz Studies. There he studied under the tutelage of Lee Busch, guitarist, and Ernie Krivda, saxophonist, focusing on jazz theory, jazz improvisation, and jazz composition.After completing his studies in Cleveland, Matt moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's Guitar Studies program. Matt studied extensively with Carl Culpepper and Randy Hoexter, two musically-acclaimed instructors and mentors who he credits for bringing out the discipline and skills he would need for a lifetime of music achievements and expression. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media also provided Matt with opportunities to study with renowned guitarists Guthrie Govan and Cory Christiansen. Matt excelled in the Guitar Studies program and completed his certification ahead of schedule. Matt began his professional career as an Instructor at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media and began performing and recording with local artists.Since then Matt had moved to North Carolina and spent the last 10 years playing professionally up and down the east coast for weddings and private parties till the past 3 years Matt had become a huge fan of Jam Track Central and after being discovered for his Solo on "Tidal Motion" by John Ray, Matt is now is a proud member of the team along side some of the best players in the world. The Jam Track Features John Ray on bass and Jon Greene on Drums who Matt was fortunate enough to play along side on "Tidal Motion". Today, Matt has become one of the Carolinas finest musicians and instructors as well as performing with a number small groups and combos. Matt recently received a guitar endorsement with "MJ" guitars and was invited by Kevin Wilson to Perform at the 2017 International Guitar Summit along side greats such as Tom Quayle, Ben Lacy, Andy Wood, Mark Lettieri, Eric Gales, Isaiah Sharkey, Eric Walls, and many more!"Matt Sickels is a guitarist with amazing technique, strong sense of time and a clear understanding of theory and its applications. With strengths in a number of different styles, Matt is a guitarist to watch for in the future." - Corey Christiansen, Jazz GuitaristFor more about Matt, lessons, and his Music please visit: www.Six-Strings.net


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