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Born in 1980, Marco's first attempt with music came in 1984 when he played with his parents (both musicians) in Germany during an encore. But the story starts in 1989 when he received his first electric guitar as a gift: "a Washburn, but I don't remember the model".

He started to play along with his heroes (Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Europe), while other kids his age usually preferred to play football. In 1992 he left the guitar to study the drums, another huge passion. "Being a drummer first and a guitarist second, helped me a lot in terms of creativity and rhythmic knowledge." In 1996 he left the drums because of his growing interest in guitar, especially after an intense listening of Images and Words by Dream Theater. Today, he's a guitar player, composer, arranger and also  mixing engineer. He worked for a lot of artists since. In 2004 he flew to Canada to record James LaBrie's third solo release titled Elements of Persuasion which has become a hit among prog metal fans. Now member of the James LaBrie band, he put out his first solo record titled “There's Hope” on Feb. 15th 2008 through Lion Music. “There's Hope” was top seller in 2008 for the specialized web store “Guitar Nine Records” and got a 2nd place as Best Fully Instrumental Rock Album by the website “The Top Tens”. He also worked on James LaBrie's latest solo record  “Static Impulse” as guitar player, co-writer and engineer. In 2011 he was invited to play at the “Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet” festival in Holland with other huge names like Michael Lee Firkins, Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro and Stu Hamm to name a few. He's also part of the NY based prog band “Creation's End” and instrumental trio “Neon Karma”. Endorser and testimonial for brands like Ibanez Guitars, Mesa/Boogie Amps, DiMarzio Pickups, Ernie Ball strings and Fractal Audio units.  2012 was witness to Marco joining our very own JTC Records label and releasing his hugely anticipated second solo CD named reMarcoble. This incredible album features 11 sublime tracks and you can get the backings and TAB through the site as well. 


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