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Jamie Humphries has had a successful and varied career for the past 20 years as an instructor, and recording/touring session guitarist. Asuccessful author, Jamie has released several books, and as a session side man he has toured and performed with such legendary rock heavy weights as Jeff Beck, Brian May and Queen.

Jamie picked up the guitar at the tender age of 5, with his early influences including his father, who taught him his first chords, as well as his fathers vinyl collection, including the likes of "Santana", "Pink Floyd", "Yes", "Led Zepplin", "Focus" and "Genesis". Jamie spent his time practising at home and performing in the school band. By the time he moved to secondary school he was playing electric guitar, andwas drawn more towards more technical and revered guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Edward Van Halen, Brian May, Yngwie Malmsteen, joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Francis Dunnery. Jamie got his first break in the mid 90's when he started transcribing for Guitar Techniques magazine. He also started transcribing and recording for Total Accuracy, writing several book/CD packages on such artists as Radiohead, Joe Satriani, Whitesnake and Dire Straits in the popular "Jam With" series. Jamie also landed a full time teaching position at the ACM, as well as hosting his own guitar tuition TV show on the musician's channel on Sky TV. Jamie also began filming DVD's and video lesson for Lick Library, and has over 70 DVD's released to date. He also had 3 books/CD sets released through Sanctuary Publishing, "Giants of Metal", "Giants of Rock", and "Crash Course..Electric Guitar". He also has regular columns in Guitarist Magazine, Total Guitar and his work was also featured in Guitar World. In 2006 Jamie was asked to join the list of guitar players on the hit London West End Queen musical "We Will Rock You", and still continues to perform there. He also performed on the part of the UK "We Will Rock You" tour. Jamie also joined the world renowned Australian Pink Floyd show, and completed several long tours in North and South America and Canada, performing at such prestigious venues as The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, The All State Arena in Chicago, and the Bell Centre in Montreal.  Jamie also runs his own studio, where he recorded and produced his 2008 debut album 'J' which featured Erotic Cakes drummer Pete Riley, and a guest solo from Poison/Mr Big guitarist Richie Kotzen. Jamie also mixed, produced and performed on Roger Water's guitarist Dave Kilminster's album, "Scarlet-The Directors Cut", and also mixed and produced the It Bites album "Live in Montreax".Jamie has also played with some of the biggest names in the guitar world, both live and for video sessions. These include Steve Morse, Doug Aldrich, Richie Kotzen, Michael Schenker, Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde, and Joe Satriani. Jamie now contributes to the digital online guitar magazine Guitar Interactive, and also offers an online teaching service via Skype.  


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