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LAUNCH OFFER | Danny Dela Cruz's 20 Flamin' Rock Licks

Welcome to JTC, Danny!




  1. Your account
  2. My Library
  3. Types of Products
  4. Exploring and choosing a product
  5. Checkout
  6. Downloading

Your account

First and foremost you need to register with us and create your Jam Track Central account. Follow the on screen instructions and make sure you fill out all the required sections.

Free - This is the default free account. It means you can purchase what you want, when you want and download it to your computer. You also get unlimited streaming access to our Free Tracks, giving you a taster of the membership facilities. You also have the option to purchase the Interactive Tab add-on, which gets you access to all of the members files for all of your purchased products using our state of the art Soundslice Tab system.

Premium Member - You can upgrade at any time to become a Premium Member, which gets you unlimited Streaming access to our ENTIRE library *excl. Bootcamp of Artist Series and Jamtrack products for a monthly/6-monthly/yearly subscription fee. Simply add any/all products throughout the site using the +My Library button and they will appear within your ‘My Library’. You can still purchase and download any packages that you want to keep, plus you get a membership discount applied to all download orders.

NB - Premium Membership does not give you access to JTC Bootcamp related products.

My Library

My Library is where all products you have either purchased or added by hitting the +MyLibrary button are stored. Here, you can download or stream the products content, depending on what type of account you have.

Types of Products

We have streamlined our products into different types, so you can quickly get to grips with what type of jam track package is best for you.


The Ultimate way to learn and get inside the artists mind. Expect lots of exercises, licks and solos as well as a theory study book and TAB.

1, 3 and 5 Track

These are always an artist associated package and come with a live video performance of the track you are about to learn.

10 Tracks+

These types of packages do not contain any video and can range from anything between 3 and 50 tracks.

Just Jam

No solos to learn, no TABS....just awesome jam tracks!


Love your guitar music? Then this section contains just the albums available through the site.

Album Backings

This is where you get the official album backing tracks from your favourite artist along with loads of TAB for you to learn exactly what they played.


These packages contain mixtures of tracks taken across the whole of our jam track catalogue


A boxset package contains multiple packages from one artist, bundled together so you can get your hands on a load of material a bit cheaper!


12 module courses with personalised interactive feedback with the JTC artist, designed with one thing in mind….mastering the content!

Exploring and choosing a product

Our navigation and filtering systems makes it really easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Browse helps you find a specific product type, genre or artist.  You can also use the search field to find a specific product.

Then, use the filter to drill down even deeper to find the exact products that match what you are looking for.

When you wish to check out more details on a product, simply click on it and it will expand. Here you will be able to find out exactly what you get, as well as hear previews of the jam track, solo track and where applicable video as well as a detailed overview and promo video.

If you like what you see then click the Buy Now button and it will be added to your download basket. When you have chosen the products you are interested in learning, either add to your library with the +MyLIbrary button or click buy to add to your basket. When you are ready to checkout click the basket icon and you will be taken through the payment process.


Once you have gone to your basket you can review your purchases before purchasing them. You have a choice of how you wish to pay. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and a whole host of other types of cards, or alternatively you can use Paypal.

You must have fill out the required sections on the payment screen in order to complete your purchase.

Upon completing your payment you will receive a confirmation email and your chosen downloads will then appear immediately within the products in your ‘My Library’.


Click on the download button of your chosen product and the file will automatically start downloading to your computer.

All of our products come in “zip” files to make the download faster. A zip file is like an envelope… you need to open it to see the stuff you bought. To do this on a Windows PC, right-click on the zip file and select “Extract here”. On a Mac, just double-click the file to extract it. You will then see a folder with the same name as the zip file. You can now safely delete the zip file, but we suggest that you store it as a backup.


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